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Summer 2010

Daniel Hong - McGill University, Canada. Pharmacology major.

Caolan Conroy - Queen's University Belfast, Ireland. Finance major.

David Lee - University of Toronto, Canada. Economics and computer science major.

John Davis - Mercer University, USA. Finance major.

Jin Bae Kim - New York University, USA. Economics major.

Internship Schedule

The 1st  and 2nd week will consist of reading and summarizing valuation methodologies. This will be page 1 of your research report. We will provide the reading material.

In the 3rd week, you will start researching the commercial real estate environment in the U.S and see where it is headed in 2010. The industry section will be page 2-3 in your report. This will be your own research, whether it is Googling, Sribding, going to the library, etc...

In the 4th week, you will dissect an actual property and do a valuation. The model and figures will be provided. This will be pages 4-5 and the model section of your report.

Internship over, with a 5 page report in your hand that you can take it with you when you are applying to bigger and better opportunities, with an experience to put on your resume. 


Benjamin Graham- The Intelligent Investor - Will be the valuation bible

Professor Damodaran                                Website made by the professor in NYU Stern Business School

Example valuation reports

Byron Capital Markets (Canada)

Solomon Investment Bank (Korea)

Real Estate 

Harvard CDO Meltdown - Please summarize in your own words, half a page.

333 Market Street Valuation

Bloomberg Article - Actual article from Bloomberg. We will base our research report on this property data.

Cushman - San Francisco Market Data

Fed - Data on bank profits by the Fed. Skim the pages to see how the market is right now.


Pricing - Please summarize in your own words, half a page.

CDOs - Please summarize in your own words, half a page.