What is Evangelistic Outreach?

One of the evolving pieces of SN Valuation's ultimate mission is wrapping all the loose ends of our SNValuation and SNGroup operations, and tying it through the common loop of Evangelistic Outreach.

Evangelism is the propagation of the Gospel message. Outreach is helping people in practical ways.

In summary, Evangelistic Outreach is helping people practically while sharing the Gospel message.

In 2014, we plan on doing this very work, as the foundation for our valuation and business incubation has been laid down.

Making money as an ultimate end is meaningless. We want to make sure our surplus finances are reinvested into the work of saving people from malnutrition, the blistering Korean winter, and hopelessness.

Like many of our endeavours, we will start small, but by constantly watering and caring for this project, we hope to see lives saved and transformed over the upcoming years. We commit this work into God's hands. In Jesus name. Amen.

Update: January 09, 2014                                                                 "Hot Love"

Today is -10 degrees celsius, or 14 degrees fahrenheit. But with the winter winds, it is much more colder. Many homeless people live in the subway stations and it can be a freezer, so we would like to share a little bit of God's hot love by handing out these hot packs to these individuals. May Jesus be honored.